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Human Economic, Social and Political Development Progression Mapping, Tracking and Contextualizing Project 



With the advent of the parallel systems computing and the processing capabilities of the 21st century, it is imperative to analyze and synthesize the everyday activities of the humanity to understand the scope and depth of all human collaborations. This type of mapping, tracking and contextualization has never been attempted yet and needs to be addressed to fully celebrate the efforts of all living entities to grasp the significance of nature and its complex dynamics. The fragmented data points of human activities fail to provide the understanding necessary to augment the productivity of individuals, families, communities, societies, nations and the entire humanity to meet the goals, aspirations and the potentials of this visible panorama of infinities. An effort to start changing this fragmentation in to a cohesive whole might prove to be valuable for the management of progress towards the betterment of both an individual and the entire globe.

Not unlike the human genome mapping project, this might require the participation of all disciplines of knowledge, understanding and comprehension to create the framework that most likely expand, morph to accommodate new discoveries as it moves forward. At the end, it might enable the refinement of policy making in real time and the use of augmented cognition to help improve the quality of work, life and the existence of not only the humanity but of everything else.   

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