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My most recent article on 19th century Cuban literature.

"El abolicionismo transnacional cubano : los relatos anti-esclavistas de Félix Tanco y 'el tiempo de la nación.'" Cuba y el Caribe: Diáspora, raza, e identidad cultural." América sin nombre, no. 19 (diciembre 2014), 61-72.

This article studies the international context of Cuban abolitionism, when members of Domingo del Monte's literary circle approached British consul Richard Madden during his stay in Havana in the hope of gaining expression for their anti-slavery writings. The clandestine connections between Del Monte, as leader of the literary intelligentsia, Madden and his successor, David Turnbull, an ardent abolitionist, and other members of his literary saloon highlights the emergence of early Cuban abolitionism as a silent struggle against Spanish colonial rule and the institution of slavery. Félix Tanco, from Matanzas, one of the most outspoken members of Del Monte's tertulia, depicts in his scathing anti-slavery sketches what life was like for the opponents of the hated institution. The article ends with a reading of "Un niño en La Habana," a psychological portrait of a child already corrupted by the mentality of a slave master.

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