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August 2013 Blog Posts (69)

U.S. & Mexico Universities Partnering

Source: Global Delivery Report

By: Tim Wilson

Date: 8/29/2013

What’s Causing the Increase in U.S. and Mexico University Alliances?…


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Accrediting Bodies - Problem/Solution?

Date:   August 30, 2013

From:  EdSurge.com, VentureBeat.com, InsideHigherEd.com, and Learning Ecosystems

Re:      Accreditation and only doing what one’s peers do in higher ed: Not serving society well




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Anti-Semitism on UC Campuses

Source: latimes.com

By: Larry Gordon

Date: 8/29/13

Two more UC campuses cleared in U.S. probes of anti-Semitism

The U.S. Department of Education has exonerated two more UC…


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What Are Immersive Digital Experiences?

From :  Learning Ecosystems blog, MartketWatch.com, & Entrepreneur.com

Date:    August 28, 3013

By:        Various

IBM and USTA captivate tennis fans with immersive second screen experience [MarketWatch.com]



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A Traveling Man


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Law Prof. Sues Record Company

Source: www.bostonglobe.com

Date: 8/27/2013

By: Michael B. Farrell

Online lecture prompts legal fight on copyright

Famed Harvard legal professor Lawrence Lessig may be the last guy you would want to pick a fight with over copyright issues over the…


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US JOBS: Asst. Prof. English (UTAH)

Opening Date: 8/15/2013

Closing Date: 11/08/2013

Position: Assistant Professor…


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Master Robert

Master Robert, a historical novel set on Cumberland Island, Georgia in the antebellum period has recently been published by Tate Publishing. It is the story of Robert Stafford, planter who challenged local mores both personally and in busineess. Amos and Amelia, twin house slaves are the eyes through which his adventure is told.

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Publishing an Open Source Textbook

Source: Professor Steven Hardinger, U.C.L.A.

Date: 8/26/2013


Why I'm Considering Publishing an Open Access Textbook

Steven A. Hardinger, University Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry…


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UN Scientists & Climate Change


By: Richard Ingham

Date: 8/26/13

Can UN scientists revive drive against climate change?

PARIS — A leaden cloak of responsibility lies on the shoulders of UN scientists as they put the final touches to the first volume of a massive report that will give the world the most detailed picture yet of climate change.

Due to be unveiled in…


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UK JOBS, Marketing, PhD

Professor in Marketing

Loughborough University -School of Business and Economics

Ref: REQ13494

£54,826 per annum (minimum)…


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US JOBS: Engineer, University (FACEBOOK)

Date Posted: 8/26/13

Closing Date: 

Software Engineer, University…


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US JOBS: Visiting Prof. Education (CA)

Job Posted: 6/21/13

Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Assistant Visiting Professor - School of Education


Position:   Faculty, non-tenure-track position

Department:  Education, School of Education

Appointment Rank: Visiting, Assistant Professor

Date Available:   July 1, 2013



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Tutors as Celebrities

Source: nytimes.com

By: Joyce Lau

Date: 8/24/13

In Hong Kong, the Tutor as Celebrity

HONG KONG — Advertisements for star tutors in Hong Kong can be seen all over here: on billboards that loom over highways and on the exteriors of shopping malls. Invariably, the local teaching celebrities are young, attractive and dressed in designer outfits befitting pop stars. But beyond the polished shine, the advertisements also claim that their celebrity tutors can help… Continue

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A Game of Negotiation! For teachers, and in the real world

Imagine a world in which important, top-level policy decisions, such as those regarding nuclear power, higher education or foreign relations were made on the basis of real discussion focused on real facts. In these conversations, hype would be washed away, moderate majorities would probably find more voice, and (hopefully) better decisions would be made – with less residual acrimony and polarization.


John Lennon’s “Imagine” material? I don’t think so.…


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Obama's College Ratings - Viability

Source: www.npr.org

Date: 8/22/13

By: Claudio Sanchez

Do The Data Exist To Make A College-Rating System Work?

Audio for this story from All Things Considered will be available at…


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Online Courses & On-Campus Learning

Source: scientificamerican.com

By: Jeffrey Bartholet 

Date: 8/20/13

Students Say Online Courses Enrich On-Campus Learning

Stefan Kühn studies biochemistry at Stellenbosch University in the wine country of South Africa's Western Cape province. He was working on his master's thesis last year and writing in his usual way, which he…


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Reaching Offline Students

Source: timeshighereducation.com

By:Jon Marcus

Date: 8/19/13

How to reach the many offline students

Girl taking photo with smartphone

This digital inequality, as Professor Junco calls it, can affect students as early as the admissions process, he said.

A survey of US admissions officers by Kaplan, the entrance-examination preparation company, found that more than a quarter visit applicants’ Facebook pages and search for other…


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NYC Evaluates Local Colleges

Source: nytimes.com
By: Javier C. Hernandez
Date: 8/19/13

Seeking Better Teachers, City Evaluates Local Colleges That Train Them

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has used data to …


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US JOBS: Oncology Director (Pfizer)


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