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June 2013 Blog Posts (23)

Shortfall in Educated U.S. Workers

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Shortfall in educated U.S. workers to worsen: study — from reuters.com by Paige Gance


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BREAKING: CU Boulder Professor Missing At Sea

Source: www.dailycamera.com

By: John Aguilar

Date: 6/27/13

Evi Nemeth, retired CU-Boulder computer professor, missing at sea near New Zealand

UNIX, Linux expert last heard from June 4 while sailing with 6 others on yacht 'Nina'…

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4 Ways Higher Ed Has Changed, Post Recession

Source:   Associated Press (via ABC News in this case)

By:          Justin Pope, AP Education Writer

Date:      June 24, 2013

4 Ways Higher Ed Has Changed, Post Recession (USE THIS…


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Change is optional, survival is not guaranteed

Source:  evoLLLution.com

By:         Daniel Christian

Date:      June 20, 2013


Change is Optional, Survival is Not Guaranteed

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Professor Quits Over Hard-Partying Students

Northwestern University professor quits over hard partying students who left beer cans and condoms strewn over his yard

  • Dr. Mark Waymack blames an administration that turns a blind eye to the Evanston, illinois university's hard-partying students
  • Waymack also says he'll be moving out of his home of 18 years

By …


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Is College Worth the Cost?

Don't Buy The Hype, College Education Is Not An Investment

Hardly a day goes by without the publication of articles on the plight of recent college graduates. Large numbers are either unemployed or employed in jobs that don’t call for any academic preparation. Many are struggling with the burden of their college loans.

In addition, the educational value of college is questionable. In their book Academically Adrift, sociologists Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa…


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NYU Offers Home Loans For Top Profs

N.Y.U. Gives Its Stars Loans for Summer Homes

Follow one of Fire Island’s quaint footpaths away from the ferry dock, past modest cottages and better-appointed vacation homes, to an elegant modern beach house that…


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Professor Receives Knighthood

Web pioneer Professor Nigel Shadbolt receives knighthood

Web pioneer and Open Data Institute (ODI) co-founder Professor Nigel Shadbolt has been knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for his services to science and engineering.

Along with inventor of the World Wide Web, fellow Southampton professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Professor Shadbolt set up the ODI in East London's Tech City last December, aiming…


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Student Loans vs. Graduates

Student loans 'plot' against graduates signals a time for major policy change

Plans to sell off student loans to private investors undermine trust in the whole university process, says Martin McQuillan

The Guardian last week revealed a secret report commissioned by the government from …


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View What links here ERT’s shutdown, social amnesia, and communicative entitlements

The Greek government’s decision to close ERT has been criticised in various activist channels as anti-democratic or even irrational. Yet these activists and opponents of the ERT decision are held together only by thin strands and, in truth, represent heterogenous and conflicting interests and agendas.

Read full article on …


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NYU Law Professor Helps Free Chinese Activist

Source: www.washingtonpost.com

Date: 6/13/13

By: Max Fisher

Prominent law professor disputes NYU ‘booted’ Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng

NYU law professor Jerome Cohen, left, interviews Chen Guangcheng in New York. (Mario Tama/Getty…


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Touring the digital humanities

Touring and digital humanities

What does it mean to be a fully entitled citizen in a digital polity? The cybersphere is a vast…

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Can I borrow That Robot? (Dan Christian)

Source: Learning Ecosystems

Date:     June 11, 2013

By:        Daniel Christian…


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Drop-outs and Graduates Both Benefit

Even for Drop-outs, College Pays

by Justin Pope, Associated Press

It sounds like the worst of all worlds borrowing money for college, then dropping out and facing the debt without a degree.

But a new study argues that the investment in even a partial college education is still worth it, amounting to average earnings of $100,000 more over a lifetime than for those who merely finish high school. That’s a better investment return…


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The Financial Realities of Higher Education

When Less Can Be More: Higher Education in 2013

As chancellor of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, I am responsible for a $592 million budget, 7,500 faculty and staff, and more than 200 graduate and undergraduate programs. I also hold a position as Professor of Accounting, and I am formally trained as a Certified Public Accountant, with a research focus on governmental and nonprofit accounting.

The financial crisis has forced virtually every family…


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Is college a scam?

WILLIAMS: Exposing the fraud of America’s higher education


College has become a scam in America.

We have all heard the horror stories of crippling student debt and graduates who are lucky to land minimum-wage retail jobs. But one part of the …


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BREAKING: Santa Monica College Shooting & Fire

Source: abclocal.go.com

Date: 6/7/13 - 9:43PM EST

By: Darsha Phillips, Sid Garcia, Ric Romero, Elex Michaelson and Jovana Lara

Santa Monica College shooting and house fire kills 7, injures 5

Friday, June 07, 2013…

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Obama Promises High Speed

Source: www.news.cnet.com

Date: 6/7/13

By: Dara Kerr

Obama launches high-speed Internet program for all schools

More than 80 percent of educators say the Internet connection at their schools is too slow to meet their needs -- that's why the president plans to bring broadband to 99 percent of all students.…


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Government Should Invest in Higher Ed

Hutchison: Governments should invest in higher ed

Tuesday June 4th, 2013

DALLAS, TX -- Former U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison called for more funding for research universities on Tuesday amid a debate over whether higher education budgets should be cut. The Republican said federal and state governments should make research universities a priority, calling government funding "the seed corn" for development. "The federal…


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Columbia Professor Weighs in on P&G

Columbia Professor Rita McGrath Says Procter & Gamble Faces The End Of Competitive Advantage


/PRNewswire/ -- With the announcement that Procter & Gamble (P&G) CEO Bob McDonald is stepping down and former CEO AG Lafley…


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