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Stephen Osei Hiamang

Adjunct Professor

Jeffrey S. Isaacs

Mathematics Instructor

Lanna Tabor

adjunct instructor/teacher

Karima Robinson

Assistant Professor

Susan Woerner

Instructional Designer

Yolanda N. Belle

Director, Academic Talent Search

Sammy Van Hoose

Associate Professor of Business…

Illana R. Lane

Acting Dean School of Education

Ruth S Liberman

Chair, Humanities Division…

Deborah L Boyd

Transfer and Advisement Cooridnator

Jennifer Hatley

ADN Instructor

Brita Ericson

Information and Outreach Officer

Claudia L. Duncan

Chair, Dept. of Physical Education…

Rebecca Boyle

Director HR

Ioney James

Associate Professor

Francesca Charles

Adjunct professor of Music, foreign…

Suk-hee Kim

Assistant Professor

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