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On Faculty Row's Vision and Strategy:

"Any mechanism that can be established for identifying links between employers and academics could add considerably to a process that is otherwise remarkably random and inefficient."                           - Professor William I. Newman, UCLA

Faculty Row has proven to be an invaluable resource. It is a place to learn about the work of colleagues from around the world and to share ideas and research/ teaching passions with them. In a very short time, it has opened new and exciting doors for me.   -           Chair in Entrepreneurship, Thomas S. Lyons, Baruch College (2015)

Faculty Row is a place where like-minded innovators can work together to change the landscape of education.

           - Chair in Engineering, Stephen Lu, U. of Southern California (2015)

Faculty Row has been extremely helpful in a variety of ways. Most importantly, obtaining the right information, as well as, reaching out to peers effectively.   

          -Professor Antonio Vidal-Puig, Cambridge University (2015)

Faculty Row has helped me in lots of ways.  I am honored to be part of Faculty Row's network.  - Professor John C. Edmunds, Babson College 

Faculty Row has amazing potential.

                                      - Professor Eric Singman, Johns Hopkins

Faculty Row has been a great service for pulling together my fragmented web-presence onto one site.    Professor Frank S. Ravitch, Michigan State U.

I am so grateful that Faculty Row contacted my about working with a student in need of calculus help. I do a fair amount of paid private tutoring; so, having one more "tutee" was a welcome opportunity for me. I do quite a bit of live/online teaching and tutoring; so, this was a natural fit for me. Thank you very much, Faculty Row!  

         - Joan Marie Rosebush, University of Vermont (2015)

Joining Faculty Row and rolling out a personalized web page has been delightful. I am happy to be part of Faculty Row. I look forward to actively networking here too.                - Chair in Biochemistry, Laszlo Prokai, UNT-Fort Worth, (2015)

Faculty Row is an exceptional networking flat-form that covers virtually all topics relevant to higher learning. Without a doubt, Faculty Row presents opportunities that are beneficial to higher learning, and the advancement thereof. -

 Professor Geoffrey Busch, University of the Western Cape (2015) 

Faculty Row has done a great job of showcasing my accomplishments and skills onto one page. I have made great professional connections which will help to expand my networking opportunities.  - Mary Ann Peterson, Cal Baptist University (2015)

I truly appreciate the professional approach everyone at Faculty Row takes in providing support. I am very pleased with how my profile presents my work and I'm proud to point colleagues to my website and to Faculty Row in general.

      -- Professor Abbie Brown, East Carolina University (2015) 

Faculty Row has developed an effective Interactive CV for my webpage and provided a very personal service. - Professor Simon Hayhoe, London School of Economics 

I am extremely glad to be a Super Professor on Faculty Row.                                                        Professor Daniel Beland, University of Saskatchewan 

Faculty Row provides a service that has enabled my academic and business  profile to be known. Excellent customer service as well.  -Professor David Meehan, Ireland 


I am humbled and grateful to be part of Faculty Row's Global Network.  - Professor Keith R. Dearborn, Bowling Green State U. 

It´s excellent to be a part of Faculty Row. As an academic on Faculty Row, we are able to share academic issues, research, and stay abreast of worldwide knowledge. - Professor Rosa De La Mora, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaroa  

Faculty Row is a very efficient network for professional opportunities and collaborations among faculty. Professor Gerard Dumancas, Oklahoma Baptist University

"I am pleased and proud to be considered eligible for membership in this group. I admire my peers and their work and their commitment to the construction of a healthy knowledge base." -  Professor Lesliee Antonette, U. of Pennsylvania 

"Faculty Row's VirtualCV product is simply amazing!  It produces an eye-popping and highly readable CV that is far better and easier than anything I could or ever have done on my own."      - Professor David A. Schultz, Hamline University 

(Click To See A Virtual CV) 

It's great to be part of the Faculty Row Community. -Profesor Martin Fislake, U. of Koblenz 

The Faculty Row Team is very quick to respond to your concerns and/or questions They showed a tremendous amount of professionalism and a timely turn around with answers. These folks are terrific. - Professor Lisa Adams MacEwan Univeristy 

You do an amazing job with Faculty Row!! Your articles are enlightening and an eye opener to us Professors! #Teaching and Technology. Thank you. - Professor Ana Maria Zurbuch, U. North Texas

"I am delighted to be the part of the prestigious Faculty Row" 

-M.G.H. Zaidi, G.B.Pant University of Agri & Tech.Pantnagar , I...

Delighted to be a member of this community. I would be pleased to participate soon with other Faculty Row members in the field of Neuroethics issues. Antonio Amodio, Psychiatrist, Italian Public Health Service

-VITOANTONIO AMODIO M.D. (Univrsity of Turin, University of Sacred ...

Faculty Row makes it easy to navigate new avenues for career building. Their respect for my work in particular, and for scholarly work generally, is evident.  I find Faculty Row responsive to my needs and their savvy assistance is taming the academic marketplace. - Professor Dana Greene, NMSU


Delighted to become a member of Faculty Row's global community. Looking forward to participating vigorously with other Faculty Row members.                     -Professor Gerard Martin Meagher 


Faculty Row is rapidly becoming the place of conversation among the best faculty in the United States.  Faculty Row is the place to go for knowledge about higher education and also the place to go to tap into expert knowledge across a range of issues and topics. Testimonial - Professor David A. Schultz


When I had a academic career question, the first place I thought of asking it was Faculty Row. When I asked my question, I got a number of well thought-out responses that really helped me make a decision. Faculty Row is an excellent network for anyone in academia.

Faculty Row has been a gateway to expanding the depth and breadth of my discipline and to connect with other faculty members of similar interests to advance my career.  Faculty Row gives me breaking news, a robust job board and a exclusive network of top end faculty throughout the world to collaborate on research, presentations, and lectures.  Faculty Row is my choice for career advancement, high level discipline connections and a staff that assures that your ideas and projects get the attention and recognition they deserve.

Professor Lisa Cooper Colvin


I greatly appreciate the honor of being named a "Super Professor" by Faculty Row. It is a distinction that I will continue to strive towards as we journey down exciting and rewarding educational paths in the effort to create life long learners.


Thank you for this honor!  I am humbled by such amazing faculty on Faculty Row.  Thank you.

Professor Olga Pierrakos

**On September 18th, 2015, Faculty Row's global network was dedicated to Lucas Mascioli Gaulsh and his theoretical graduating class of 2030.  

AS of April 2015 - According to Google Analytics - Faculty Row Has Reached 207 Countries in the world. We are very proud and humbled by our unique global audience. -Jeffrey C. Finder

This Screen Shot (via Google Analytics) was Taken @ 3:16AM EST, April 13th, 2015. Countries marked blue have visited Faculty Row's Global Network.

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Comment by Dr. Manzoor Iqbal Khattak on March 11, 2015 at 10:12am

The opportunity of research in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment in State University New York (SUNY)  at Albany , USA , which is the ruling country of the World ,  broadened my horizon. I was introduced to new vistas of knowledge and recent advancements in field of my interest. I learnt different ways of tackling a complex situation. My problem solving skills improved a lot and this personality development actually enhanced my self-confidence. Higher studies is not all about memorizing books or understanding existing knowledge. It extends beyond that, i.e you struggle to bring innovation in your thinking pattern. I was provided with ample guidance by the world class  Research Center,  Wadsworth Center, School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, University at Albany, New York, USA who were always there to help me broaden my frontiers of knowledge and published &submitted many research papers to various esteemed & reputable research Journal , respectively.. I visited a number of Universities viz., Michigan State University, Lancing; Michigan Eastern State University; University of Virginia; George Mason University, Virginia; and George Washington University to facilitate future linkages to use the contacts for bilateral linkages, upgrading the technical capabilities of universities, visiting faculty, and collaborative research projects..

Comment by Dr. Jesus E. Martinez Marin .·. on March 2, 2015 at 6:58am

I'm really proud to be part of the Faculty Row Network, being here, I would like to share our Degree in Maritime Logistics & Business in our University TecnoCampus of Mataró in Spain. This degree offers a great opportunity both for future professionals and companies, in a market that is increasingly globalized and which progressively needs more qualified professionals.  We are now interested in open exchange agreement with international universities, for our students & lecturers, in order to share the knowledge between our insitutions, if you have any further doubt i'm aavailable at jmartinezma@tecnocampus.cat 

We are part of the University Pompeu Fabra, one of the best in Europe,  the degree responds to the demands of the logistics, transport and maritime business sectors, and it includes subjects related to international trade, port management, customs operations,
maritime law and related legislation, logistics and supply chain management, and maritime company management, among others, with an international vision focused on professionalism. 

Comment by Michael Sutton on February 5, 2015 at 1:54pm

Recently I encountered a dilemma of trying to be able to reach the optimal individuals in Faculty Row to make them aware of an upcoming sabbatical. I emailed Faculty Row to mention this, and before I could even dig up an older email that contained information I needed to discuss, Faculty Row contacted me.

Faculty Row's personal service/concierge service” is 2nd to none I have seen. The proactive behavior and personal interaction is an overriding reason for Faculty Row's success. Faculty Row is an inspiration for entrepreneurs who wish to learn how to make ventures like this into a vibrant hub for exchange and networking.

Comment by Keith R Dearborn on December 8, 2014 at 4:31pm

I am humbled and grateful to be awarded membership in Faculty Row International.

Comment by M.G.H.Zaidi on August 11, 2014 at 1:15pm

I am delighted to be the part of the prestigious Faculty Row.

Comment by VITOANTONIO AMODIO on July 29, 2014 at 8:09am

Delighted to be a member of this community.

I would be pleased to participate soon with other Faculty Row members in the field of Neuroethics issues.

Antonio Amodio,

Psychiatrist, Italian Public Health Service, Department od Mental Health


Comment by Gerard Martin Meagher on June 11, 2013 at 4:00pm

Delighted to become a member of this thriving global community. Looking forward to participating vigorously with other Faculty Row members.

Comment by Dr. Aly Khorshid on June 9, 2013 at 6:21pm

It my pleasure to be Faculty Row supper professor member, connecting with excellent professors and professionals globally, it is rapidly growing faculty in the United States and hope the same will be in the UK where I reside.  It is the place to go for knowledge about higher education and across a range of issues and topics.

Supper Professor Aly Khorshid (2013)

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