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A few images from the "Brink of Light" show I posted about a few months back...

I realized that some months ago, when I wrote a post about an exhibition I had earlier this year at Virginia's Piedmont Arts museum (an affiliate of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts), I neglected to include any images from the show. So here are a few that I think represent pretty well the idea of this body of work.

The exhibition tilted more toward nature and wildlife than anything I've shown before, and though I had to mentally re-edit my work to put it together, it was a great exercise. It also made me realize that for various reasons, beginning with an artist's residency at Isle Royal National Park in 2013, I've been shooting more "pure" scenes (albeit in infrared) than before. (Much of this photography has been done in the American South, where I grew up.) That said, I still think of my work as being largely about what humans do to the landscape for their recreational, domestic, agricultural, and industrial purposes.


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