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Elisabeth Egholm Jacobsen
  • Female
  • Trondheim
  • Norway
  • Associate professor
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Welcome, Elisabeth Egholm Jacobsen!

About Elisabeth Egholm Jacobsen


EMAIL: elisabeth.e.jacobsen@ntnu.no

VOICE:  +47 73596256

PhD Organic chemistry, Department of Chemistry, NTNU, 7491 Trondheim, Norway.

Associate professor, Department of chemistry, NTNU, 7491 Trondheim, Norway


Organic Chemistry


Chiral Chromatography

Natural Product Chemistry


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Journal publications

  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm; Ali, Mohammed Farrag Mohammed; Skattebøl, Lars; Anthonsen, Thorleif. (2013) Enantiopure dihalocyclopropyl alcohols and esters by lipase catalyzed kinetic resolution. Journal of Biotechnology. vol. 168 (3).
  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm; Lie, Aleksander; Hansen, Marte; El-Behairy, Mohammed Farrag; Ljones, Torbjørn; Wohlgemuth, Roland; Anthonsen, Thorleif. (2013) Desymmetrization of cbz-serinol catalyzed by crude pig pancreatic lipase reveals action of lipases with opposite enantioselectivity. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic.vol. 85-86.
  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm; Anthonsen, Thorleif; El-Behairy, Mohammed Farrag; Sundby, Eirik; Aboul-Enein, Mohamed Nabil; Attia, Mohamed Ibrahim; El-Azzouny, Aida Abd El-Sattar; Amin, Kamilia M.; Abdel-Rehim, Mohamed. (2012) Lipase Catalysed Kinetic Resolution of Stiripentol. International Journal of Chemistry. vol. 4 (1).
  • Lystvet, Sina Maria; Hoff, Bård Helge; Anthonsen, Thorleif; Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm. (2010) Chemoenzymatic synthesis of enantiopure 1-phenyl-2-haloethanols and their esters. Biocatalysis and Biotransformation. vol. 28 (4).
  • Tjosås, Freddy; Anthonsen, Thorleif; Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm. (2008)Biocatalytic resolution of saphenic acid. Substrate preferences for lipases A and B from Candida antarctica. ARKIVOC. vol. 2008 (vi).
  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm; Andresen, Liv Siri; Anthonsen, Thorleif.(2005) Immobilization does not influence the enantioselectivity of CAL-B catalyzed kinetic resolution of secondary alcohols. Tetrahedron: asymmetry. vol. 16.
  • Moen, A. R.; Hoff, B. H.; Hansen, Lars Kr; Anthonsen, T.; Jacobsen, E. E..(2004) Absolute configurations of monoesters produced by enzyme catalyzed hydrolysis of diethyl 3-hydroxyglutarate. Tetrahedron: asymmetry. vol. 15.
  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm; Hoff, Bård Helge; Moen, Anders Riise; Anthonsen, Thorleif. (2003) Enantioselective enzymatic preparation of chiral glutaric monocarboxylic acids and amides. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic. vol. 21.
  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm; van Hellemond, Erik Wouter; Moen, Anders Riise; Prado, Lucia Camino Vazquez; Anthonsen, Thorleif. (2003)Enhanced Selectivity in Novozym 435 Catalyzed Kinetic Resolution of Secondary Alcohols and Butanoates caused by the (R)-Alcohols.Tetrahedron Letters. vol. 44.
  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm; Anthonsen, Thorleif. (2002) Water content influences the selectivity of CALB-catalysed kinetic resolution of phenoxymethyl-substituted secondary alcohols. Canadian journal of chemistry (Print). vol. 80.
  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm; Hoff, Bård Helge; Anthonsen, Thorleif.(2000) Enantiopure derivatives of 1,2-alkanediols: Substrate requirements of lipase B from Candida antarctica. Chirality. vol. 12.


  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm. (2012) Enantiopure biologically active compounds by lipase catalysis. Lambert Academic Publishing. 2012. ISBN 978-3-659-28136-5.

Part of book/report

  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm; Anthonsen, Thorleif. (2009) Factors affecting enantioselectivity. Allosteric effects. Modern Biocatalysis.
  • Lykknes, Annette; Kvittingen, Lise; Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm. (2006)Founding of a laboratory at Norway's Institute of Technology: Laboratory practices 1910-1036. 5th International Conference on History of Chemistry: "Chemistry, Technology and Society" - Proceedings.


  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm. (2004) Synthesis of enantiopure building blocks for biologically active compounds by enzyme catalysis. Optimization of reaction conditions for increased enantioselectivity and activity. 2004. ISBN 8247163098. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU (50).
  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm. (2004) Synthesis of enantiopure building blocks for biologically active compounds by enzyme catalysis. 2004. ISBN 82-471-6307-1. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU (2004:50).
  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm; Moen, Anders Riise; Anthonsen, Thorleif.(2002) Biocatalytic production of chiral intermediates for production of 1260. - Enzyme catalysed synthesis of enantiopure C-5 building blocks for biologically active compounds. 2002.
  • Jacobsen, Elisabeth Egholm. (1999) Rasematoppløsning av derivater av 1,2-dioler katalysert av Candida antarctica lipase B. 1999.

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Job Title
Associate professor
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Areas of Expertise/Research Interests (List All Please)
Organic chemistry, Biocatalysis, Chiral chromatography, Natural product Chemistry

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