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Faculty Row Explained: 

Faculty Row is a private global network of accomplished academics. This platform allows qualified individuals the ability to connect, collaborate, and share ideas globally. This network was originally founded in 2009 by Jeffrey C. Finder.

The Faculty Row team takes time each day to educate its community and provide resources most valuable to academics. This is done by broadcasting and posting Newly Listed JOBS (Academic & INDUSTRY), Professional Consulting , Expert Witness Recruitment , relevant breaking news, articles, research, and videos.


In 2013 Faculty Row began aiding academics by providing access to a highly fragmented global job market. Faculty Row has worked with both public and private entities globally. In 2013 Faculty Row partnered with Jobs.ac.uk the largest aggregator of PhD jobs outside of the United States.

(2015) Faculty Row’s mission going forward is helping academics adapt and monetize their expertise through traditional and non traditional means. The landscape of academia has begun a transformation with many unknowns ahead of it.

(2016) Faculty Row announces agreement with Carlson Rezidor Hotels in an effort to help professors reduce their cost of travel internationally.

Learn more.

How was I nominated? 

Faculty Row allows its members to nominate up to three peers, or colleagues, for review each year. These nominations can be submitted through the "Nominate" tab on the top of Faculty Row's website. Nominations received are sometimes anonymous. Regardless, the Faculty Row team will provide full transparency of who nominated a given academic.

Our Vetting Process: 

The Faculty Row Admissions Team diligently vets invited candidates on a daily basis. This vetting is done to determine an individuals eligibility for admissions into Faculty Row. We reserve the right to grant or deny admission to Faculty Row at any time. 

Super Professors Defined:

Super Professors are a peer reviewed group of academics that consistently demonstrate excellence, passion, and clarity, throughout their academic careers. Often, these individuals are considered academic experts. “Technology is beginning to stratify academia” according to Faculty Row Director, Jeffrey Finder. “We are convinced that leading educators, or Super Professors, will become increasingly valuable going forward. Student classrooms and expert knowledge will continue to become global on a massive scale.”

Membership Dues Explained:

Yes. If an individual is approved for admissions into Faculty Row's Network, there are basic membership dues. These allow us to continue operating Faculty Row's day to day operations and help academics adapt, strive, and continue to monetize expert knowledge. 

If approved for admissions, their are basic membership dues for full access to Faculty Row's Global Network. Included with membership is a unique Faculty Row

Faculty Row WebSite. (Click for Sample)

Invited Faculty:

2 Year Membership: $299.00 USD (STANDARD)

1 Year Membership: $199.00 USD (STANDARD)

Fully Customized Website:

5 Year Membership: $499 USD (STANDARD)

3 Year Membership $399 USD (STANDARD)

All Memberships Auto Renew at the rate of $99.00 USD per year.

*All Membership Sales Are Final*

Interview With FacultyRow's CEO Jeffrey C. Finder

Why Should I join? 

Faculty Row is committed to providing tools, resources, and most importantly, a network that fosters positive change, innovation, and adaptation. 

What is happening in Higher Education?

It is 2015 - There are many education based experiments taking place around the globe. These experiments are focused on technologies that will make teaching and learning as efficient and affordable as possible. The Faculty Row team encourages leading academics and educators to focus on their personal brands.

There are still many unknown variables of how traditional education models evolve. We do know that smart phones and tablets, will continue to play a key in the globalization of education.

A few examples of common "experiments" with affordable or free education:

EDx (an extension of the expired MITx)  

TED Ed (an extension of TED Talks)

Sal Khan's, Khan Academy 

Sebastian Thrun's, Udacity 

Daphne Koller & Andrew Ng's, Coursera

How Do I Post My Research/ Content/ Comments on Breaking News on FacultyRow?

Login to Faculty Row. Goto the "FacultyWire" Tab on the top of your screen. Now click "Add A Post." All content is subject to review. 

How do I add my photo?

1) Login 

2) click on the "MyWebsite" tab on top of your screen

3) click on the "Settings" icon on the right of your screen

4) click on "Choose File" tab in the center of your screen - Now Upload a Hi-Res Professional Photo

5) Click "Save" at bottom of this screen

How Do I Search for Experts on Faculty Row?

Members can login to Faculty Row and then use "key word" searches in the search box. The search box is located in the upper right hand corner of each page on Faculty Row's Network. It has a magnifying glass next to it. Suggested key word searches: an area of expertise, a person's last name, or full name. (Concierge Service: Experts@FacultyRow.com.)

How Do I Network/ Connect with other Experts on Faculty Row?

1) Login to Faculty Row

2) Use the white search box on the top right hand corner of Faculty Row

3) Search for Keywords (e.g. "Analytical Chemistry" or a persons name)

4) Once you have located the individual, you can click on "Add as Friend" on their profile page.

5) They will have to accept this request in order to connect. 

6) Once connection has been accepted you can message privately.

Questions? Email: Innovation@FacultyRow.com

How do I personalize and add features to my profile?

If you scroll down past the Profile Information section on your profile page, you will find a section called “text box.” Click on the “add text” link to personalize this section any way you want. For example, you can add a profile about yourself or your school, advertisements for your business, or third party widgets. Add links and images using the buttons at the top of the text box, and don’t forget to give the section a title! The title you choose will show up in the yellow bar on your profile page instead of “text box.” If you are an html wiz, you can do a lot with this section.

(CONTACT Faculty Row's Concierge Team for assistance: Innovation@FacultyRow.com)

Example of A Customized Faculty Row Website (Link)

Can anyone see my private information on my profile?

No. Any information with a gold lock icon next to it is private and can be seen only by yourself and the Faculty Row web team. However, you can view what is displayed publicly on your Faculty Row webpage. This can be done by logging out of Faculty Row. Once you have logged out of FacultyRow, you can type your name into the search box on the top right of the FacultyRow webpage.

How do I add someone as my friend once I am logged into Faculty Row?

Find the person you would like to add as a friend and click on their profile or photo. There is an “add as friend” link under their profile photo. Click on that. A confirmation window will pop up with an optional “add a personal message” link if you’d like to send the person a note. Some people don’t feel comfortable accepting friend requests from people they don’t know, so this is a great way to let them know how you might know each other or why you’d like to be friends. Once you add them as a friend, they will receive a notification that you’d like to be friends. They can then choose to accept your friend request and become friends with you or ignore the request.

How do I search for Faculty Row members?

To search for members of Faculty Row, use the white search box at the very top of the homepage. To do a basic search, type what you are looking for into the search tab (e.g., marketing, Sandra). You may also search for members by location, first name, last name, industry, title, school, and/or expertise.

How do I Nominate someone for Faculty Row?

1) On the top of the Faculty Row website, there is a tab called “NOMINATE." After logging in, you may click this tab to enter as many e-mails as you’d like along with a personal message. Each person will receive a personal Faculty Row invitation with a link to Faculty Row Sign Up.


2) You mail email Admissions@FacultyRow.com with your name, the nominees name, and the reason for the nomination. 

How do I remove myself from future Faculty Row emails?

You can choose which emails you receive from FacultyRow by doing the following.

1) Click "MyWebsite" on the top of your screen.
2) Click on the "Settings" icon -located on the upper right hand side of the page.
3) Click on the word "Email" on the upper left hand side of the page.
4) Now you can check or uncheck the various notifications 

**At the End of Membership Term, Member will be billed at the rate of 99$ per year annually.

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